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Author participating in demonstration
Free Judiciary and Free Media campaign
On November 03, 2007, the then Chief of Army and the President, General Pervaiz
Musharraf, imposed the second martial law of his tenure in the name of
emergency to forestall any decision of the Supreme Court against his holding two
offices case: Musharraf apprehended that the higher judiciary would strike down
his presidential election while he was in the army uniform. Musharraf arrested the
judges of the Supreme Court and put them in house detention, announced
another PCO (called the PCO-II), coerced a few judges to take oath and
consequently installed a new bench of the higher judiciary. To keep people aloof,
Musharraf also muffled the media. The lawyers protested against Musharraf's act
of Nov-3 but received thrashing. Resultantly, the second phase of struggle against
dictatorship started during the Musharraf era.

Under national and international pressure, Mushrraf had to lift emergency and doff
his military uniform but he kept the seat of the president occupied. The media got
free. The elections held in the beginning of 2008 served a heavy blow to the
dreams of Musharraf when his toady party, the PML-Q, licked the dust at the hands
of the voters. The PPP and the PML-N stood victorious in the elections and formed

Musharraf could not realize the strength of the new-found democracy and, as a
president, tried to interfere in the state affairs but had to face the threat of
impeachment. Consequently, Musharraf resigned and later on fled from the
country and took exile in the UK. The will of the people triumphed. The military
dictator took refuge in a foreign land, democracy was restored, media became free
and the arrested were restored. The Long March of the lawyers became
successful and a new history of struggle was written. It is hoped that in future no
military dictator will dare abrogate the Constitution and humiliate democracy.
Tahir Manj and Rana Waqar Shabbir taking part in the demonstration. They represented the PML-N.
The Pakistani community in Glasgow participating in the demonstration.
The Pakistani community in Glasgow made its presence felt against military dictatorship in Pakistan
Tahir Inam Sheikh, a correspondent of the daily Jang, made a speech in favour of the free media.
Ashfaq Hussain Shah, a vocal PPP leader, delivering speech against the martial law imposed by Musharraf.
The PPP workers giving vent to their anger against military dictatorship. The UK-based Venus TV channel of the Pakistani community recorded the event.
Author delivered speech at the occasion against Musharraf's act of detention of the judges.
community (residing in Scotland) out side Pakistan Consulate Glasgow against the
Nov-3 act of Musharraf. A fair representation of all the political parties active in
Pakistan surfaced. Speeches were delivered and subsequently a signed protest
letter was handed over to the Consulate General of Pakistan to get the protest
recorded. It was also pledged that struggle against military dictatorship would be

The following pictures remind that once all were one against dictatorship.
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