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Pictures with probationers and colleagues at guest & cultural nights
Occasion: Guest Night.   Probationer Yasir at my right and a female probationer at my left
Occasion: Khyber Night.              Mr Shahid Gul Qureshi, Director CTP, at my right
Occasion: Mehran Night.  Mr Khalid Javed, Additional Director CTP, and his son, at my left
Occasion: Bolan Night.                 CSA faculty at my left
Occasion: Khyber Night.     Director and DG CTP are walking across while sitting Ahmed
Warraich at my right and Dr Sania Nazir at my left, a triumvirate from the 23rd CTP together
Occasion: Punjab Night.     Mr Kamran Ahmad, Additional Director, at my right and Ahmed
Warriach at my left
41st CTP guest and cultural nights