Columns in 2020
Between Article 6 and Paragraph 66
Jan 01
Aftermath: The makers of the postwar world
Feb 02
CSS 2020: Falling English testing standards
Feb 17
The mediocrity of CSS in 2020
Feb 24
Peace prospects in Afghanistan
Mar 06
COVID-19: Where lies the treatment?
Mar 28
Viability of Smart Lock-down strategies
Apr 25
Begrudging the 18th Amendment
May 08
Pakistan: Absence of medical research
May 11
Neglect and exploitation in Balochistan
Jun 24
Reforms in Pakistan's Civil Service
Jul 01
Pakistan under the China model of governance
Aug 04
The Procrustean model of governance
Aug 28
Reforming the CSS exam system
Sep 12
The search for peace continues in Afghanistan
Oct 14
Narendra Modi, Akhand Bharat and "Greater India"
Nov 03