Columns in 2019
Donald Trump's "America First"
Jan 16
The quality of ongoing CSS interviews
Jan 21
The endgame in Afghanistan -- the second phase
Feb 01
Understanding the Afghan endgame
Feb 15
The tyranny of the English essay -- CSS 2019
Feb 19
An unnatural Pakistan
Jul 18
Turning over a new leaf in Pak-US relations
Jul 31
Examining Trump's Afghanistan-South Asia strategy
Aug 07
Why did the axe fall on Pakistani doctors?
Aug 30
Is Afghanistan on the verge of peace?
Sep 01
Pakistani doctors: a victim of low quality medical research
Sep 26
Dismal performance of CSS-2019 candidates
Oct 19
Is the CSS exam getting difficult?
Nov 12
The neo-doctrine of necessity
Dec 04
Legal rationale for COAS' service tenure extension
Dec 11
Under judicial restraint, really?
Dec 27