Columns in 2018                                        
Pakistan's foreign policy orientation -- V
Jan 01
Pakistan's foreign policy orientation -- VI
Jan 08
Pakistan's foreign policy orientation -- VII
Jan 17
The Wednesday show in Lahore
Jan 21
Judicial activism
Jan 25
Judicial competence
Feb 01
Judicial accountability
Feb 06
Judicial waste
Feb 14
Judicial relevance
Feb 21
Judicial politics
Mar 05
The judicial farce
Mar 09
Judiciary's Baba Rehmatay
Mar 14
Baba Rehmatay's judiciary
Mar 21
Cosying up to the judiciary
Mar 28
Gaffes gripping Justice Nisar
Apr 04
The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the illusion of peace
May 29
US - Iran relations -- the new face
Jun 16
Post-Fazlullah Pak-US relations
Jul 01
Pak-US relations: a new turn in Afghanistan
Jul 16
China's belt and road initiative
Aug 01
Nationalism Pakistani-style
Aug 16
Challenges facing Pakistan
Sep 01
Resetting ties with the US
Sep 15
The cost of Pak-US estrangement
Oct 01
Culmination of the London plan
Oct 15
Pakistan: in search of a new master
Nov 01
Pakistan's Afghan challenge
Nov 15
A low ebb in Pak-US relations
Dec 01