Columns in 2017
Wang Hui on China’s Twentieth Century
Jan 04
Sreeram Chaulia’s Modi Doctrine
Jan 11
Rajiv Kumar's Modi and his challenges
Jan 18
Cihan Tugal's The fall of the Turkish model
Jan 25
David Johnston's The making of Donald Trump
Feb 01
Kevin Gallagher’s The China Triangle
Feb 08
Myra MacDonald’s Defeat is an orphan
Feb 15
Stephen Cohen's The South Asia Papers
Feb 22
Easternisation of the world
Mar 19
Seth Johnston’s How NATO adapts
Mar 26
Mario Carranza’s India-Pakistan Nuclear Diplomacy
Apr 02
Schoen and Smith on Putin’s Master Plan
Apr 08
Troubles stalking Syria's Assad regime
Apr 19
Pakistan in the Middle East
May 08
The Middle East cauldron heats up
May 24
The Manchester attack: in the aftermath
May 31
Kashmir: the fairness of a cause
Jun 04
Hasbe Hal, Khabarnak and Khabardar
Jun 07
The Middle East crisis deepens
Jun 14
Pakistan's foreign policy challenges in 2017
Jun 21
Modi's visit to the US
Jul 03
Pak-US relations -- the Afghanistan aspect
Jul 12
Trump's prospective Af-Pak strategy
Jul 19
Civil-military relations: the JIT aspect
Jul 26
The judicial blunder
Aug 02
The judicial blunder II
Aug 09
The judiciary-military nexus
Aug 16
The judiciary-military nexus II
Aug 23
The Supreme Court is not so supreme
Aug 30
Pak-US relations and the "ghairat" brigade
Sep 06
Over to you, Foreign Office
Sep 13
The Afghanistan snare
Sep 15
NA-120 and gatekeepers
Sep 20
Pak-US relations: the "safe havens" dip
Sep 24
Balochistan House in Switzerland
Sep 27
Civil-military relations: the foreign policy aspect
Sep 30
The plot thickens
Oct 04
Khawaja Asif in the US
Oct 07
Understanding the language of silence
Oct 11
Pak-US relations: the CPEC aspect
Oct 15
What General Bajwa says
Oct 18
Threat perception's role in Pak-US relations
Oct 22
Back to the July 28 judgement
Oct 25
Tillerson's visit to Islamabad
Oct 28
Ahmad Noorani and nationalist bigotry
Nov 01
Perry Anderson’s American Foreign Policy and its thinkers
Nov 07
Pakistan's Afghan problem
Nov 08
Conditions based Pak-US relations
Nov 13
High handedness of the Higher Judiciary
Nov 15
China's Open Doors for the US
Nov 22
Persisting or not with the Islamic military alliance
Nov 23
Far-Right-Wing Conservatism in Germany
Nov 28
Pakistan and the Saudi-led military alliance
Nov 30
Pakistan's foreign policy orientation
Dec 04
Pakistan's foreign policy orientation -- II
Dec 11
Pakistan's foreign policy orientation -- III
Dec 19
Pakistan's foreign policy orientation -- IV
Dec 26