Columns in 2011
Fault lines
Jan 26
Chants of liberty shake the Arab world
Feb 26
Raging intolerance
Mar 04
Impediments to democracy
Mar 11
Discernible trends in Pakistani politics
Mar 18
Cricket diplomacy
Mar 29
How underdevelopment ravages Pakistan
Apr 01
Save higher education
Apr 08
Higher education dilemma
Apr 15
Drone politics
Apr 22
Pakistan's moment of truth
May 19
Vigilante pre-emption
May 28
Balochistan and the package of pledges
Jun 10
Agents of change
Jun 16
Devolution at last
Jul 07
Post-devolution federalism
Jul 16
The local bodies
Jul 22
Discrediting local bodies
Jul 29
The crisis of democracy
Aug 11
Challenges to governance
Aug 18
Why the common citizen matters
Sep 06
Punjab in focus
Oct 11
Chants for change
Nov 01
The Balochistan crisis
Nov 30
Address the Baloch grievances
Dec 14
Baloch tribes and the federation
Dec 21
The Baloch -- a reluctant citizenry
Dec 28