Columns in 2009
Knowledge economy and Pakistan
Jan 03
Police: Fighting for its morale
Jan 07
The impending disaster
Jan 10
Politics: Getting into hot water
Jan 14
So begins confrontation
Jan 21
More confrontation
Jan 31
Miscarriage of democracy
Feb 07
The thick skin syndrome
Feb 18
Existential crisis for democracy
Feb 25
Battle for the Takht-e-Lahore
Feb 28
Justification for the lawyer's movement
Mar 12
At the point of (no) return
Mar 15
The will of people triumphed
Mar 17
Castigating a long shadow
Mar 21
Above-the-Constitution syndrome
Mar 25
Independent judiciary: the second phase
Mar 28
Lahore under attack
Apr 03
The Obama plan
Apr 12
Balochistan bemoans
Apr 16
The AfPak policy: cause or effect?
Apr 18
Lessons from the Swat deal
Apr 22
Towards the CoD
Apr 25
Hillary Clinton and Taliban
Apr 29
Pakistan and democracy
May 01
Regarding Swat
May 06
The Swat case: an analysis
May 09
Three sovereigns in Washington
May 13
Pakistan and democracy
May 16
The plot thickens
Jul 02
The LG system
Jul 18
Zardari-Nawaz camaraderie
Jul 22
Accountability boomerangs on Musharraf
Jul 28
The fear factor
Aug 07
Before the next coup d'etat
Aug 14
(Without) minus one
Aug 18
Un-doable yet unavoidable
Aug 25
The ex-Jackals and ex-Wolves
Sep 07
Cartelisation in Pakistan
Sep 11
After the misstatements
Sep 29
Messages of the Kerry-Lugar Bill
Oct 06
Doctrine of constitutional primacy
Oct 16
Arrives the moment of truth
Oct 22
Ms Clinton in Pakistan
Oct 30
Life without the NRO
Nov 10
The NRO Affair
Dec 01
Listen to the music
Dec 08