Columns in 2008
Democracy: the best revenge
Jan 06
Dynamics of politics
Jan 15
Musharraf: commandoing his visit to Europe
Feb 02
Chomsky's prescription for Pakistan
Feb 13
A sort of orange revolution
Feb 25
People are boot-awakened
Mar 01
March 9 revisited
Mar 09
After March 9
Mar 17
Concentrate on studies
April 08
The last crust of power
April 13
The end game begins
May 10
Change of minds
May 18
Yearning for renaissance
May 25
The Nawaz factor
May 30
About wrong and right
June 05
A dignified exit
June 09
Budding political dynamics
June 25
Genesis of the long march
July 01
The summer of discontent
Aug 02
Musharraf on his own
Aug 11
Disillusioned by democracy
Sept 07
The false positive political calm
Sept 13
The constitutional matters
Sept 18
In the right direction
Sept 21
About the judiciary
Sept 25
Politics in 2009
Sept 27
A constitutional crisis in the offing
Oct 08
The minus-two formula
Oct 11
Punjab Khappy
Oct 17
Behind economic meltdown
Oct 25
Independence of the judiciary
Oct 29
The judiciary and its independence
Nov 01
About Pakistan
Nov 05
Lawyers change history
Nov 08
Riddance of democracy
Nov 15
After democracy
Nov 19
The plot thickens in Punjab
Nov 22
Mumbai attacks and ISI
Dec 03
Politics in Punjab
Dec 03
Mumbai and after
Dec 18
Pakistan: trapped in a vicious cycle
Dec 24
The medal of freedom
Dec 27