Columns in 2007
Back to pavilion
Feb 19
Turning point
Mar 27
Conflict resolution
Apr 09
A crux approaching
Apr 09b
After the semi-final
Apr 18
The political drift
Apr 23
Inclusive elections
Apr 23b
The missing link
May 10
The Karachi showdown
May 15
Raza: sacrificing for truth
May 23
Affidavit for divorce
Jun 04
Before the brink
Jun 07
Summer's message
Jun 21
Emerging political scenario
Jun 28
The closing point
Jul 08
After Operation Silence
Jul 21
Irony of fate
Aug 07
Damaging deal
Aug 07b
Losing on the roundabout
Aug 19
The maze of politics
Aug 22
The safe passage
Aug 31
Detrimental deportation
Sep 16
Undiluted democracy
Sep 19
An antithesis to emergency
Sep 27
Dissenting voices
Oct 02
Back to square one
Oct 14
On Benazir's return
Oct 20
Moving with the crowd
Oct 23
The final punch
Oct 25
The saga of politics
Oct 30
Return of democracy
Nov 01
In the name of emergency
Nov 08
Two wrongs making one right
Nov 16
Country, democracy & constitution
Nov 27
Pakistan's case in US
Dec 03
History in the making
Dec 06
Sheer politics
Dec 11
Imminent is transformation
Dec 12
The lawyer factor
Dec 17
The pricks of politics
Dec 19