Columns in 2005
A journey to participatory democracy
Jan 01
President in uniform
Jan 05
Pakistan's political chessboard
Jan 17
Window of opportunity
Jan 30
March to democracy in Iraq
Feb 16
Old Rumsfeld
Feb 24
Hariri's assassination and Lebanon
Mar 08
Pakistan questions of creation and subsistence
Mar 24
Revolution Ukrainian style
Mar 25
Enemies of the Third Reich
Apr 21
Berlin stays German
Apr 16
The triad of Nazism
Apr 28
Neo-Nazi are on the march to Berlin
May 05
German Green Card
May 12
Innovative political system
May 28
Politics: the art of possible
Jun 04
Politics of spacing
Jun 12
The cul-de-sac of Pakistani politics
Jun 19
The summer politics
Jul 05
The political mincemeat
Jul 10
Political race begin
Jul 18
Monopoly in politics
Jul 26
Musharraf under seige
Jul 30
Politics at the grass-roots level
Aug 21
Ballot in action
Sep 10
The first political jolt
Sep 11
New political thoughts
Sep 12
A political deadlock in sight
Sep 14
Engaging Israel
Sep 19
The trump card
Sep 21
LB process near completion
Sep 21
Where lies the fault?
Sep 28
Dimensions of London bombing
Oct 03
The exit route
Oct 05
Doctrine of necessity
Oct 12
In the face of calamity
Oct 19
The Glamour woman of the year 2005
Nov 02
Your passport is ready
Nov 09
Whether political upheavel ahead?
Dec 30