Columns in 2004
Unhappy is the land that breeds no heroes
Feb 20
Bush-Musharraf equation
Feb 26
Pakistan and PfP of NATO
Mar 04
The west and the rest
Mar 11
Iraq's WMD: Yes to No
Mar 22
Europe's apprehensions: Muslim's perspectives
Mar 26
The clash of definitions
Mar 31
Turns and twists in Palestine
Apr 08
Iraq: balance the imbalance
Apr 15
Apr 20
Reconstruction and Afghanistan
Apr 27
Securing Afghanistan's future
May 10
Afghanistan: from drama world to real world
May 01
Aid to Afghanistan
May 16
Afghanistan and narco-terrorism
May 17
Mongols and neo-Mongols
May 27
Globalisation: a vibrant process
Jun 12
Pakistan-India equation
Jun 24
Entering an era of modern eugenics
Jun 28
Mockery of democracy
Jun 29
Jul 03
Compromised democracy
Jul 09
Choices for Pakistan
Jul 27
What lies underneath?
Aug 01
Misinterpreting ideologists
Aug 04
Ideology of Pakistan
Aug 09
Balochistan in focus
Aug 10
On the path of decadence
Aug 18
The Sadryyin movement
Aug 25
On the path of democracy
Sep 04
The Najaf peace deal
Sep 10
The Beslan school tragedy
Sep 19
Ignorance is bliss
Sep 20
Mixed signals
Oct 16
The last debate
Oct 18
Obligatory fasting in Islam
Oct 27
The Second term
Nov 08
Kashmir baney ga Pakistan
Nov 09
Palestine after Arafat
Nov 26
Guessing year of polls
Dec 09
Clean and quick justice
Dec 17