Finally democracy is moving
Don't save yourself, save your assets. The worth of life is less in Pakistan.
Even if the debt is high, the country has to move on.
There may be no tomorrow, consider today is the last day.
Govts tend not to listen to the people's voice
Big load: too busy to go anywhere.
A rare signboard identifying the police
Wheat hoarding is an art, some call it fun.
Democracy is bound to stand in Pakistan
The constitution and its mutilation
The end of free speech not acceptable
Lotas (turncoats) are in abundance in Pakistani politics. Unfortunately, these lotas are not of export quality.
Naveed Asif, the topper in the matric examination is sitting in the footsteps -- a matter of shame for all those who were attending the prize awarding ceremony.
Malala Yusafzai, pride of Pakistan